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Music Resistance (2022)


“Four the Moment an A Capella quartet (Delvina and Kim Bernard, Jackie Barkley and Deanna Sparks) made their debut in 1981 at an anti-Ku Klux Klan rally in Halifax. The group’s ‘music protest’ was a success.


This doc takes an intimate look at that history, this intermingling of past and present through music passed down from mothers to their daughters. It demonstrates how Four the Moment’s music continues to influence today's generation of African Nova Scotian musicians, who are now taking up this cause with their unique approaches to performance and music.

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Poster Design by Emmanuel Nwogbo.

From left to right (centre): Zoe Tolliver,  Amariah Bernard Washington 

Latoya Saunders, Zamani Bernard Millar &


TANZANIA - Oral History Interpretation & Documentation Program

As part of my work-term in the Screen Arts program at the NSCC, I traveled to Tanzania on an Oral History Interpretation & Documentation project. This would be my first time travelling as a filmmaker to a foreign country with a team to do work.

​I was determined to do this, for the experience it would bring, but more importantly, the chance to assist in the preservation of a history that I was also connected to. From this experience, I created a short documentary piece, “Journey of Feet” that was accepted to screen at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival.

Photo by Janet Hawkwood

This trip was funded out of pocket and with the help of crowdfunding (GoFundMe) -


Check out my blog - "Journey of Feet"



See video:

Journey of Feet on Vimeo.

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All Videos

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This piece was selected to screen at

Devour! The Food Film Festival (Oct 25 - 29, 2017)

Run-time: 3 mins |Format: HD 1080P |Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Frame rate: 23.97 


Shot on Sony A7Sii 


I shot this dramatized food piece as one of my final projects for school, just prior to graduation from Screen Arts. It was my first time in the dual role of shooter and director. I was fortunate enough to have a sound recordist and camera assistant to help with the execution. This project was planned and shot under a week,  basically 3 days; with one day from pre-production (pre-interview) and two days to shoot.


I discovered how to improvise, using 'a hand clap' in the space of a clapper board. It was quite a different experience to be both director and shooter and proved a challenge at times.

Things that worked:

  • Having a good idea of the shots I needed for the piece, and committing them to paper.

  • Doing a pre-interview with the chef to get a good idea of what he wanted for the piece and making sure that we were on the same page  

Things that I would improve on in the future:

  • Take the needed time to frame the shots.

  • Not 'go rouge' and go hand held unless using a Go Pro or stabilizer

  • Be overzealous and revise each shot and know exactly what was needed in each take.

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